About Us

Heidi Wilcox, MS


Heidi Wilcox is a force to be reckoned with, in the field of environmental services and sustainable infection control. With over 20 years working in the field, her experience is only matched by her positive attitude and persistence to achieve the goals of the greater good. Heidi attended UMASS – Amherst, of which she achieved a Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology and Chemistry. Later, she achieved her Master’s in Environmental Studies from UMASS – Lowell and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Science of Industrial Hygiene from the same. Heidi has been a speaker at various events such as the Healthy Schools Campaign, IEHA and ISSA – and has helped many environments achieve success in their programs – regarding the reduction of toxic chemicals, the improvement of indoor air quality and streamlined processes to achieve success in the world of “Cleaning and Disinfecting for Health”. Prior to her consultant years, Heidi worked with UMASS – Lowell in their Toxic Use Reduction Institute, where she focused her lab skills, to help navigate the world of product performance and infection control. 

The Method

Client Centered

I care about the success of your program - period. My number one goal is to help incorporate the best practices that are available and to watch the benefits roll in for you and your team!

Experienced in the Field

The processes that I'll recommend have been tested in the field and aren't a bunch a theories and standards that don't work. I also partner with like-minded vendors and help you get the best systems/solutions for the best value.

Environmentally Responsible

In the past, "green" meant "a waste of time and money", because it didn't work. With advances in technology - your program can benefit from protecting your employees, customers and your bottom line.