About Us

Heidi Wilcox, M.Sc., President / Founder

My name is Heidi Wilcox and I always knew I wanted to help people. When I was in college I thought I would go on to work in a lab and help cure cancer. But I quickly learned that I needed more then sitting in a lab. I needed to work with people and help them be safe and solve their problems. 

I received a bachelors degree in microbiology because I thought biochemistry was too hard but ended up with a minor in chemistry anyway. I went back to grad school to get a masters in environmental engineering and learned I did not want to deal with pollution and its effects on people and the environment after it happened. I wanted to help stop it. So I entered the work environment department to earn a doctorate in science at UMASS Lowell in its Cleaner Production Policy and Toxic Use Reduction Program.

I also joined the Toxic Use Reduction Program, TURI, run by the state of MA and worked in its Chemicals Alternatives Testing Laboratory for almost 20 years. 

During this time I learned how to test alternative and new and innovative chemicals and equipment for performance, viability in real world situations, economic feasibility,  environmental health & safety and customer satisfaction. All are important, one cannot stand without the others.

I learned the science of performance testing, building testing programs that prove the concept of new chemicals and equipment in real world settings and hone my skills working with end users, manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers reps, industry trade associations, state and government agencies, contractors and publishers. The supply chain of commercial cleaning is important to me to know so i can service all its members with scientific data to validate the Cleaning for Health Movement. 

I have been a speaker, educator and trainer at various events for the Healthy Schools Campaign, National School Plant Managers Association, NY School Transportation Association, NY State, RIT, MA State departments of correction, conservation and recreation operational services, IEHA and ISSA an many more. 

This work has allowed me to help many facilities achieve success in their programs with regards to the reduction of toxic chemicals, the improvement of indoor air quality and streamlined processes to achieve success in the world of “Cleaning and Disinfecting for Health”.

Id love to work with your team. 

My Method

Client Centered Teamwork

I like to become part of your team, learn your process and learn from you, the experts in your facility. I have unique access to some of the countries best experts in the field of commercial cleaning in process, innovation and formulation science and use them as partners in my work. Im not a consultant I am  problem solver and a resource for your team and challenges. 

Experienced in the Field

The processes that I'll recommend  and have built my career upon have been tested in the field with real EVS and custodial workers and are not theory, they are reality and proven. I also partner with like-minded vendors and help you get the best systems/solutions for the best value.I work for myself, for you, your workers, clients, the public and the environment. This can be easy working with the right resources. 

Environmentally Responsible

In the past, "green" meant "a waste of time and money", because it didn't work. With advances in formulation and technology - your program can raise the bar of service, increase efficiency, make work easier and less toxic while also protecting the environment and the public health of your workers, clients, and the public. The bottom line is systems and innovative technology are the new way in this industry and I can guide and protect you.