Issues we can fix

What is Happening Out There

Whether is it cold and flu season, a mess on a plane, regular usage of your clients or public health concerns of a school, university or sate or federal building cleaning and the ability to deal with infectious outbreaks is essential. Over 90 percent of facilities or more DO NOT have a proactive, public health plan on how to handle infectious outbreaks and contagious or disease containing soiling issues such as feces, throw up and other incidents. 

When you add in things such as using a contractor to do the work or lack of budget or information it is hard to figure out the best SOPs, procedures, products and equipment to use. Wilcox EVS is based in applied science and can help you handle thee issue.  

Issues in the News. Dont let this be you!

here is a list of issues in public health in the real world that people are dealing with. Many times they are handles incorrectly and do not protect the public, clients, customers,students and workers afterwards. This is unacceptable and just asking for a worse incident to happen

Here a high level frequent flyer on Delta airlines sat in feces at his seat that no one could identify and was not cleaned up. The haz mat clean up kit was not on board and the airline did nothing. This is poor customer service and a potential infectious issue for this passenger and the rest of the people ont the plane. 

The questions is why did Delta not have a plan? Do they clean or does a contractor? What is the communication protocol? What is their procedure for cleaning the  plane between flights? Is it more important to customers to wait five to ten minutes more for the plane to be minimally cleaned and sanitized between flights or would they rather sit in feces? I think we all know the answer...why arent the commonalities we work with getting this?